Main Reasons Why Your Belly Pooch Still Won’t Go Away

Some people exercise and pay attention to their diet regime, however without any success, their belly pooch is still there. Read below why that may be happening:

Not challenging exercises: If you want to get rid of the belly fat the intensity of the exercises needs to be increased. So, you should practice at full intensity and push harder every time in order to burn more and more calories.

Consuming processed food: You should avoid eating this kind of food like snacks or sweets, pizza, chips, burgers, and white bread because you will find it hard to see the results. Instead, you should consume more fruits and vegetables and whole grains that include antioxidants which have anti-inflammatory characteristics beneficial for preventing the fat in our belly.

Consuming the wrong fats: If you are consuming saturated fats like the ones on the animal products you will have increased intake of calories which can lead to more weight, so that is why you should turn to unsaturated fats like the ones in fish, nuts and olive oil.

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Doing only cardio exercises: This is wrong because if you only walk, run or do aerobic, that won’t affect your belly fat in total. You need to combine it with weight exercises as well in order to increase the body tone.

The shape of your body: Some people tend to have the so-called apple shape of their body. This is genetic pre-disposition which means having more fat in that area, however that doesn’t mean that it is impossible to get rid of it. It is just a little harder so you have to make afford and be persistent.

Not having motivation: It is important to want to do it. This means having cardio and weight exercises, diet regime without sugar and with a lot of fibers. Being determined is essential.

If you already do exercise, you may also try some well-balanced diet plan to help you lose your belly pooch faster.

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