Sometimes you just want a little comfort food that is easy to eat. These Farmhouse BBQ Muffin Cups are a perfect Keto friendly recipe. The little ones like that they are like a muffin, and you’ll love how fast and easy they come together for busy weeknights.

Farmhouse BBQ Muffin Cups

Early in our marriage, one of our favorite recipes was Farmhouse BBQ Muffins. I had found the recipe in an old Taste of Home cookbook, and we enjoyed it often for dinner. A couple of weeks ago, my hubby and I were talking about how I might be able to tweak some of the foods we used to eat so that they were low carb/keto friendly, which got my wheels turning.

After being gone most of the day today, I didn’t have a lot of time to make dinner, so I knew I wanted to make something quick & easy. Initially, Chicken Pot Pie came to mind, but I hadn’t put the chicken in the crockpot earlier in the day. I think chicken tastes so much better after slowly cooking all day. I don’t know what jogged my memory, but Farmhouse BBQ Muffins came to mind, which worked out perfectly because I had ground beef that I needed to brown. These quick and easy Farmhouse BBQ Low Carb Muffin Cups are very similar to my Taco Cups with a little twist on the seasoning for the ground beef. They turned out amazingly delicious, and everyone loved them. 

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low carb bbq sauce

While the ground beef is browning, you can whip up a quick batch of BBQ Sauce. My homemade Sugar-Free Low Carb BBQ Sauce recipe takes this recipe up a notch and gives the ground beef an authentic BBQ flavor. If you don’t have time to make it, you can find sugar-free BBQ sauce online and possibly in your local grocery store although it is not as tasty as the homemade version.

keto ground beef recipe

Once the ground beef is browned, add the tangy sugar-free, low carb BBQ sauce and allow it to simmer,  so that all of the flavors incorporate. If you keep ground beef already browned on hand, this step will be even faster. You can read how I do this in my 5 easy steps to meal prep.

keto biscuits

The keto biscuit cup of this recipe comes together quickly with just a few ingredients.

low carb biscuits

Tip: Low carb flours tend to be very sticky. Make sure to grease your muffin tin generously to keep the Farmhouse BBQ Low Carb Muffin Cups from sticking to the pan. Form the keto biscuit dough like a cup in the muffin tin with your fingers leaving room to fill with the ground beef mixture.

low carb muffin cups

Spoon in the ground beef mixture into each muffin cup.

low carb ground beef casserole

I like to top the Farmhouse BBQ Low Carb Muffin Cups with a mixture of Colby Jack Cheese for the depth of flavor.

Farmhouse BBQ Low Carb Muffin Cups are loaded with tangy sugar-free low carb bbq sauce and cheesy goodness for an easy and delicious keto dinner idea. #keto #lowcarb

Yum! Farmhouse BBQ Low Carb Muffin Cups are easy, delicious, and family friendly. Everyone always loves them and asks for more.

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