15 Can’t-Fail Techniques to Healthy Hair Care

A women’s hair is one of the most important aspects of the female psyche. It’s never been a trend but more like a religion for women to enjoy healthy attractive hair, but there are a lot more rules and tips to follow if you a want runway-worthy mane. Here are the top 15 can’t fail healthy hair care tips salon heavy hitters swear by.

1. Switch your Washing Routine.

If you’re washing your hair daily, it could be drying your tresses out, since over-washing removes the natural oils that your scalp produces. Water makes hair swell from the inside, which forces the cuticle up. When that happens over and over again, you get frizz and breakage. Daily washing can also over-stimulate the sebaceous glands, creating oily hair. Instead, try this routine:

· Wash your hair only 3 or 4 times a week. Give your hair a break every other day to restore balance. You could also embrace a dry shampoo that absorbs hardcore oils and odors.

· Wash your hair with lukewarm to cold water. Washing it with hot water can cause split ends, and keeps the hair shaft open, causing frizziness.

2. Use More Natural Products.

Commercial hair products promise excellent results, but often contain chemicals that can dry hair and make it smooth and dull. You will probably immediately notice the difference if you switch to products made from natural oils and hair oils that penetrate the cuticle and nourish the strands. Amla oil, castor and coconut oil, shea butter and argan oil not only improve the condition and give shine, but also protect against environmental influences.

3. Get Rid of Dryness.

A good old-fashioned mayonnaise mask is one of the best ways to treat dry hair, thanks to the addition of oil and eggs that will nourish and moisturize your curls. Take a cup of mayonnaise (add a few drops of essential oil or vanilla essence to get rid of the smell) and apply to dry hair. Cover with a plastic shower cap or a warm towel and let it penetrate. Sitting under the dryer for 15 minutes will open the cuticle, helping the oil to penetrate the follicle. Leave on for 30 minutes to one hour. Shampoo and condition as usual.

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4. Say Sayonara to Split Ends.

Trimming is still the best tool for split ends, but you can achieve smoothness until the next time you visit the salon with an egg mixture. Eggs contain a lot of protein, which helps restore and strengthen damaged hair. Combine two tablespoons of honey and one large egg yolk. Add three tablespoons of olive oil, mix well and apply generously to wet hair. Leave on for 30 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Say hello to strong and much smoother strands.

5. Amp up Your Shine Factor.

Product extension is one of the main factors contributing to hair loss. The easiest way to remove this? Aspirin! Crush one tablet of aspirin, add powder to a small amount of regular shampoo, apply to hair and pour foam. Salicylic acid in aspirin will clarify your strands – great if you used a lot of styling products or too much dry shampoo. You can start once every two weeks and then use once a month for very clean and shiny castles.

6. Spritz on Layers of Heat Protectant.

Since heat can be an enemy to your hair, always use due diligence using a heat-protective spray. Keep in mind that in order for the protective product to work, it must be applied by hairdressing: divide the hair into small sections (usually 4) and spray each one in length (at least two or three sprays per section). When you are finished, the protective agent should be evenly distributed throughout the hair, so comb it all the way. Thermal protectors work fine, but they are useless if applied incorrectly.

7. Speed Up Hair Drying.

All that shortens the drying time is good – less heat means less damage to your locks. The next time you dry your hair, instead of rubbing it with a towel, try to gently pat your hair with ordinary kitchen paper towels. Surprisingly, more water is absorbed from the hair with paper towels, halving the time of drying with a hairdryer. Another tip for quick drying – we’re not kidding – try a cotton T-shirt. They don’t pull up the hair cuticle so much, so you don’t have to make so much effort to smooth your hair.

8. Avoid Frizz With Silk Scarves.

When you twist and turn at night, different fabrics can be abrasive to the hair cuticle. Not to mention the fact that the fibers also deprive the hair of natural oils. Invest in a silk scarf or silk pillowcases. Silk helps to avoid friction, due to which the hair looks curly, and in general will protect your curls.

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9. Revive with a deep condition.

Stock up on beer. Yes, beer. This is a great deep conditioner. Hops in beer are rich in proteins, which help revitalize the volume and create shine. After you shampoo, pour a flat beer into a spray bottle and spray on wet hair from the middle to the end. Allow to sit for two to three minutes, and do not rinse it off. Do not be afraid – the aroma of beer will disappear when your hair dries, and as a result you get a beautiful volume and shine.

10. What’s the Best Way To Tackle Dandruff?

Use shampoos and conditioners containing tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is wonderful because it has natural antibacterial and antifungal properties. Reduce the use of styling products as well, and whatever you do, avoid scratches! This can damage your scalp, making it vulnerable to infections.

11. Head to the Kitchen for Authentic Oils.

Coconut oil and olive oil are the most effective natural oils for moisturizing hair. It should be applied to hair and left overnight every second week. Coconut oil consists of medium chain triglycerides that can penetrate the hair follicle. Olive oil contains important antioxidants that help fight free radicals, stimulate blood circulation and provide nutrients for healthy hair growth.

12. Regulate the pH of Hair.

Hair pH ranges around 5.0, but many products can cause fluctuations in this amount, damaging the cuticle. One of the best products to deal with this problem is apple cider vinegar. It neutralizes chemically saturated hair, making it shiny, thick and strong. It also stimulates hair growth, heals split ends, and as a natural antifungal and antibacterial agent, tonic removes dandruff and treats any irritation of the scalp.

13. Solve Tangles.

Tangled hair often becomes a problem when it’s too dry, brittle, or is difficult to comb due to knots. The best natural remedy is Aloe Vera juice and coconut oil. Prepare a spray bottle with half water, half Aloe Vera, and one tablespoon of coconut oil. The oil and liquid will separate and settle, so before each application, shake the bottle and mix well. Part hair into four sections and generously spray each section and gently comb.

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14a. Hair Color That’s Too Dark.

You always run the risk of choosing a dye that turns out too brassy, too light, or just Wrong. But it can still be fixed. If you have a semi-permanent color and need a DIY solution fast, mix dish washing liquid with baking soda and wash your hair 15 times in one day. The baking soda opens up the cuticle allowing for a deeper cleanse. Afterwards, apply a deep conditioner. If you used a permanent color, you’ll probably need to see a stylist for a color remover.

14b. Hair Color That’s Too Light and Brassy.

Hair that is way too light can affect your complexion, and make you look washed out. The wrong color brings out the skin’s undertones and clash, making your color look sallow. For a DIY fix, try an over-the-counter glaze to deposit a little color. You don’t want to try a new box of color too soon because it contains peroxide, which can dry out the hair and make the color worse.

15. Stopping Damage and Restoring Health.

If you’re hair is starting to show signs of damage — brittleness, lack of shine, and split ends — there are a few things you can do.

· If your hair has been exposed to the sun, make sure to hydrate it. Apply Coconut and Argan oil for a frizz-free finish. You can also use a commercial product with a UV filter for an added layer of protection.

· Buy a conditioner that contains Omega-3 oils and enzymes that add strength back into weak hair strands. There are also plenty of restructuring beauty packs that perform double-duty to stop damage and strengthen and condition for prevention.

· Lastly, hair requires an adequate amount of vitamins and minerals, like iron, zinc, copper, biotin, folic acid, and foods containing sulfur.

With a few sneaky adjustments to your routine, you can preserve those polished and fashion-forward looks, while embracing healthy hair.

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