The discovering of the blood types was of a great contribution to the understanding of the reaction of antigen-antibody, which then assisted for new studies in the understanding of the concepts in immunology, genetics and molecular biology.

These discoveries were useful for the overall health providing care and also some predispositions according to the blood type. Read below about the connection between the nutrition and the blood types:

-Blood type “0”

The characteristics include leader type, hunter, strong, meshed, self-guided.

The advantages include having strong immune and digestive system, excellent metabolism and natural protection of infections.

The weaknesses include intolerance to some nutrition and overworked immunity.

The risks include inflammatory diseases, coagulation disorders, allergies, joint inflammation, ulcers, decreased thyroid function.

The profile about nutrition includes a high level of consumption of beef, meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits, while limited in beans, cereals and legumes.

If you want to lose weight then:


-you need to avoid eating lentils, wheat flakes, bran, turnips, cabbage, mustard, cauliflower.

-you can include yogurt, sea algae, sea fish, spinach, redfish, broccoli, kale.

-you can also take some natural supplements such as calcium, vitamins B and K, iodine, sea algae, sweet root.

-increase the physical activity, go to aerobics or running.

-Blood type “A”

These people are accurate, thoughtful and real vegetarians.

They adapt well to new nutrition or conditions, however, they are a week on infections especially the digestive system. Their risks include heart and liver diseases, diabetes, cancer etc.

The profile for nutrition is vegetarian including vegetables, tofu (soy sauce), cereals, sea fish, legumes, beans and fruit.

Among the suggestions for losing some weight are: avoiding meat and dairy products, and including soy foods, vegetables, as well as supplements of vitamin C,B and E, gluten and Echinacea.

They are perfect for doing peaceful exercises for example yoga.

-Blood type “B”

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The characteristics include creative, nomad, balanced and elastic.

Among the advantages are having a strong immune and nervous system and adapting to new surroundings, while the weaknesses include autonomic diseases and viral infections.

There is a risk for diabetes type 1, chronic fatigue and some autoimmune diseases like lupus or sclerosis.

The nutrition profile includes a balanced diet, dairy products, vegetables, fruits, meat etc.

In order to lose weight, they should avoid lens, sesame seed, corn, hazelnut and wheat. It is good to include vegetables, wild meat, tea and eggs. The supplements suggested are magnesium, lecithin and ginkgo.

The physical activities should include walking, swimming, cycling or tennis.

-Blood type “AB”

Their characteristics are mysterious, rare and charismatic. They are adapting well to modern conditions and have a tolerant immunity, however, the digestive system is sensitive.

The risks include heart diseases, malnutrition or cancer.

The nutrition profile has consisted of mixed food including meat, dairy products, beans, fruits, cereals.

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In order to lose weight avoid corn, red meat, beans, buckwheat and include sea fish, dairy products, vegetables, and pineapple.

The nutritional supplement is vitamin C, while the activities should include yoga, combined with tennis or cycling.

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