A Long Sitting Can Be Fatal: Here’s How to Check If You Have a “Dead butt” Syndrome!

We know that the long sitting is not healthy, but did you know that from your sedentary lifestyle you might get your butt?

Have you heard about the “dead butt” syndrome? The long sitting of a chair, armchair, in front of a TV or laptop affects your health and creates difficulties on certain parts of your body.

From too much sitting you may be called the so-called “gluteal amenia”, also known as the “dead butt” syndrome.

The syndrome develops when the muscle from the buttocks gluteus medus is not sufficiently engaged and over time loses its function. Another reason to activate this muscle is precisely that it is the main culprit for a nicely shaped, taut butt.

The consequences of this syndrome (along the lowered butt) are pain in the lumbar part of the waist, hips, knees, and even the feet.

If you want to check if you are suffering from this syndrome, try the Trendelenburg test, for which you must lift one leg in the air.

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If your pelvis falls in the area where the leg is raised, you should worry. This means that the gluteus in that part of the body is weaker.

Kneeling, gluteus exercises, hiking and running are just some of the ways that you can activate the buttocks and not allow your favorite body to become dysfunctional.

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