Kayla Itsines has made a name for herself as the most influential fitness star in the world, with her well-loved Bikini Body Guides, a best-selling book, a fitness app and over 9 million Instagram followers. Kayla Itsines workouts have helped women around the world transform their bodies, mindsets and lives. She doesn’t believe in depriving yourself, but fueling your body with foods that make you feel good and indulging from time to time because you need to live your life. Now, that’s a system I can get behind! If you’re looking to get bikini body ready, read on!

Kayla Itsines Workouts Will Get You Bikini Ready Fast

Summer is just around the corner, which means many women are thinking about how to get bikini body ready! If you’re anything like me, you go into a bit of hibernation mode in the winter, and this year, the winter has dragged on way too long. If you’re wondering what the most effective and quickest way to get into shape is, it’s time to check out Kayla Itsines BBG to get started on the right track!


Having workout guides to follow is a great way to keep yourself motivated and on track to your ideal body. A combination of  full body workouts and healthy eating can transform your body in a matter of months. If you’re consistent and dedicated to a bikini body, Kayla Itsines workouts are a great way to get there.

Bikini Body Workouts to Get You Swimsuit Ready Today

Check out these 8 Kayla Itsines Youtube videos you can do from the gym or from your living room to get your bikini body ready today! Just make sure you have an exercise mat, water bottle, and hand weights, and you’re good to go!

4 Moves for Your Best Bikini Body from Kayla Itsines via POPSugar Fitness

If you want to know some of the best moves to get bikini body ready, you’ll want to check out this video ASAP. Kayla gives the low down on 4 moves that will get your heart pumping, and your body beach ready. No equipment needed, so you can do this workout anywhere!


Kayla Itsines Workout Glamour Health Challenge Amsterdam via GlamourNL

This video is awesome because it covers one of Kayla’s real life workout boot camps! Watch her teach an outdoor class with a tribe of women doing it along with her. If this doesn’t give you tons of motivation, I don’t know what will!

If you’re looking to strengthen and tone your body, this is another video that will have you working it hard! With some of the exercises using hand weights and some using your body weight, and tips for proper form throughout the video, you’re sure to work up to a swimsuit body in no time!

Get That Body: How to Work Out Anytime, Anywhere with Kayla Itsines via InStyle

This video is short, but sweet enough to show you exactly how to get your ideal body with a Kayla Itsines’s workout. You don’t need a gym to work, strengthen and tone your body, you can do these exercises anywhere! There’s no excuses anymore, use this video to get in shape today!

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This 28-minute video is sure to get you in shape and swimsuit ready fast! From arms to abs, legs and full body exercises, your body will get stronger and more toned as you go. Make sure you have a long enough workout playlist going so all you have to do is press play and get to work!

These 8 videos will have you bikini ready in no time. As long as you’re committed and consistent, Kayla Itsines workouts are sure to give you the serious results you crave.

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