When it comes to working out, it’s easy to forget about your back, but back workouts are just as important as exercises for your legs, arms, and core. We tend to focus on the areas we can see in the mirror and consider the most noticeable, but sculpting a strong back and shoulders has plenty of benefits.

Having strong back muscles is key to staving off injury, pain, and bad posture. Plus, zapping back fat is an extra bonus! Your back will look sexy, toned and strong, and you won’t have to worry about dreaded bra bulges or muffin tops.

Like any workout plan, a well-rounded regimen will work best. Cardio exercises that target your entire body, such as running and rowing, will work to slim down your entire body. And with the addition of strengthening and toning exercises for your back muscles, you’ll see amazing results!

Check out our 10 favourite back workouts that shed back fat.

1. XHIT Sexy Back Workout by XHIT Daily

This sequence targets your lower back, guiding you through exercises that tone and strengthen the area. Working your lower back is just as important as working your core, so make sure that whenever you do ab exercises you work in some back sequences as well. Ensure you also follow her stretches to lengthen the area once you’re done.

2. Attack of the Back Fat | Get Rid of the Bra Bulge Exercises by Natalie Jill Fitness

You have some options with this back workout sequence. You can either use your own body weight, a band with handles, rubber banding, or hand weights. She demonstrates how to do each exercise with the different equipment so you can suit it to your needs. The sequence will work your arms, shoulders and back for amazing, toned results!

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3. Get Rid of Muffin Tops & Bra Bulges – 10 Min Beginner Workout by GymRa

This workout is great because it targets both your bra bulge and muffin top areas. Using a set of lightweight dumbbells, the exercises are perfect for beginners. You’ll also need a rubber band with handles for a few of the exercises. The entire workout will firm your upper and middle back, plus work your core and upper chest, so that your entire torso will look fit and toned.

4. Exercise Moves to Get Rid of Bra Bulge by NewBeauty Magazine

Targeting the back and underarm area, this workout sequence will burn in the best way. Fitness expert Angela Leigh explains why we accumulate fat in our backs and the importance of thinking about our core as one big piece in order to tone and shape it. The moves were designed to be done anywhere, so you can do them at the gym or at home. I love the versatility of the exercises. The video will definitely get you working hard!

5. Sexy Back Workout (4 Most Effective Exercises) by Athlean-XX for Women

In this video, you’ll learn four key exercises for eliminating back fat. You’ll need dumbbells and a smith machine or bar. Use whatever weight you’re comfortable with and work up as you get stronger. With these exercises you blast back fat, improving and toning the appearance of your back.


6. Quick Burn Standing Back Workout! No Equipment, At Home, Back Toning Exercises by blogilates

This no equipment, standing back workout will improve your posture and help you get the back your desire. Shed back fat and eliminate bra bulge with four moves that will burn like crazy! Whether you’re beginner or advanced, this sequence works for all, and you’re sure to have fun doing it, too!

7. Upper and Lower Back Workout – At Home Back Exercises To Tone & Strengthen by FitnessBlender

This 25-minute routine guides you through 3 rounds of 8 exercises for your upper and lower back. You’ll need dumbbells or a resistance band as well as a physio ball, but you can do the exercises right in the comfort of your own home! The tutorial provides excellent demonstrations and explains how each exercise works different parts of your back to eliminate unwanted back flab.

8. How To Tone & Tighten Your Back With Carli Bybel by brettcap

If you’re a gym rat and want to know how to use gym machines to work your back, this video was made for you! The four exercises, from lat pull-downs to reverse fly holds, are essential for strengthening and toning your back muscles. Make sure that you are controlling the weight, don’t let the weight control you. Keeping good form throughout the exercises is key to seeing desired results!


9. Sexy V Shaped Back Workout by Urban Fitness Club

Targeting your back, shoulders, and core, this 6-minute workout was designed with on-the-go women in mind! It’s just as much a cardio workout as it is a strength and toning routine, so you’ll reap plenty of benefits! There’s a wide range of unique exercises and modifications that you might have never seen before, so make sure to check this out if you want to shed back fat fast!

10. How To Lose Back Fat, Best Back Exercises For Women by Tracy Campoli

These targeting, toning moves will have your back looking amazing whether you wear a backless dress or strappy tank top. She calls the workout a six pack back, which I absolutely love, as it will help you get a stronger, toned, and more defined back! You have the option of using dumbbells or no weights at all so you can personalize it however you see fit!

Along with almost every video, the description emphasizes the fact that “spot reducing” won’t work. You need to combine strength and toning exercises with cardio and a healthy diet in order to see the best results! Work these exercises into your workout regime and shed back fat fast!

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